Chicken Satay #Fakeaway

Satay sauce is one of my fave sauces, but the traditional recipe can be very high in calories due to the coconut milk. This recipe is a simple marinade that can be added to meat, making it so quick, easy and no fuss. I enjoy accompanying the chicken with Spicebag veg (recipe here).



  • Peanut butter*
  • Soya sauce
  • Chilli powder
  • Pink Salt
  • Milk**

*Powdered Peanut butter can also be used to make a lower cal option.

**Any milk can be used, but I opt for Almond milk as it’s low in calories.



  1. Mix up the peanut butter, seasoning & soya sauce.
  2. Add a dash of almond milk & continue to mix. Add more until desired consistency is reached (I like mine to be nice and chunky).
  3. Spread marinade onto chicken breast & grill or roast

Note: This can also be made into a sauce by adding more milk & soya sauce. Instead of using it as a marinade, add the sauce and the pre-cooked chicken to a pan on a medium heat.


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