Insta post: Labels

Why is it that we always feel the need to define everything? We do it to everything from food to relationships, and from characteristics to illness. We often find comfort in fitting into a picture of the way things are meant to be, according to that label. .
For example, if you have anxiety – you may have read somewhere that it can be caused by large crowds so you decide to avoid them at all costs. You may never have had a fear of crowds before, but you do so now because that was defined for the label you grew accustomed to.
I myself have done it for so many years, tall, lanky, bloated, flat chest, social anxiety meaning I would avoid heels, certain clothes and I wouldn’t put myself through any fearful or stressful situations, for fear of what could go wrong. .
The problem is we then get comfortable. We become content with remaining in a stationary position and there is no room for growth. We hold ourselves back and we might even convince ourselves that we’re happy where we are, when underneath it all, we actually want more. Take a look at the labels you have defined for yourself or that have been defined for you, and assess if they support you, or if they’re negatively influencing your life. Don’t hold yourself back.


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