Insta post: Lead your life

Are you the leader of your life? Or are you letting life lead you based on what’s been defined for you? Definitions are something that can hold us back and cause multiple barriers along the way. We tend to adhere to certain ways of living, as it’s what has been defined for us.
When we’re in school, we’re told to choose what we want to be when we grow up, but this is what career we want, not what type of person we want to become. When we grow up, we work, we save for a car, for holidays and for our own home. We go through life aimlessly, without delving into our passions, our creativity and our skills outside of the working world.
We get so caught up in defining what’s in front of us that we rarely just go with the flow and see how life pans out based on how we’re developing, how we’re growing and most importantly, how we’re feeling. We literally have one life that can change in an instant, so why are we not living it the way we want? We live the way society has defined for us, but we have the ultimate power to take what paths we truely desire. Lead your life in the direction that you know is right for you.


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