Insta posts: Compliments

Do you accept compliments or praise given to you by others? Or do you retaliate with reasons why you don’t deserve the credit? Do you belittle yourself and your abilities as you feel you cannot accept the compliment? Why is it that we can’t say ‘do you know what, I am looking well’ or ‘you’re dead right, I did a great job’, and fully accept the compliment that was given?
Self-acceptance is the first step to get closer to self-love. You need to accept and appreciate yourself and all the hard work you do. You need to get comfortable with praise and even offer it to yourself by blowing your own trumpet. By doing so, you reduce the need to seek external praise and validation for everything you do. .
I was on a night out recently and a girl randomly said to me ‘you look very confident, you must actually love yourself’. My initial reaction was the typical Irish response ‘ah stop that, I don’t at all’, but for once I said do you know what, I actually do. I’m done with not supporting myself and I’m so done with depending on others to determine my happiness and my worth. .
40% of your happiness is determined by you. Stop hating your body. Stop belittling your abilities. Start owning who you are.


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