Reflect & Reset

As the year comes to an end, many people will slowly but surely make plans and set goals for 2020. While goal setting is important, taking time to reflect on the previous year is a really valuable exercise. We tend to look ahead for the next challenge and in doing so, we fail to see how far we’ve come. We can get caught up in equating success with tangible rewards or outcomes, meaning in their absence, we conclude that we have failed. This can overshadow the day to day effort we put in to get us to where we are today. Reflection allows you to hone in on that hard work and give yourself that pat on the back. 

I like to reflect on both my personal life & my professional life. I reflect on the relationships I have built and those that have ended. I look through pictures, recall accomplishments and investigate any failures. I reflect on both criticism and praise, ensuring that neither get to my head, but rather provide an insightful perspective into the mind’s of those around me. Reflection drives self-development as it highlights our strengths and areas for improvement. It can highlight the skills we’ve developed, be it physically, mentally, emotionally, technically and so on. This process helps us to appreciate our efforts and motivates us to move forward.

I’m a firm believer that our challenges shape us. 2019 has been quite a challenging year for me, but if I were to change anything that happened, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone means taking risks. It takes courage and does not guarantee predictable results. This means that we need to prepare not only for failure, but to be flexible and adaptable to change. Although challenging, there’s no growth without stepping outside of your comfort zone, just like there’s no growth without learning from adversity. Maybe 2019 didn’t work out the way you planned, mine certainly didn’t. I’ve worked in 3 different roles, featured on podcasts, battled with my health, read books, studied online, recorded more and created more content, said yes to things I knew nothing about, but knew I could figure out later. I’ve gotten to know myself and my values on a deeper level, while also leaving behind people that don’t align with mine. I’ve developed technically, worked on my emotions, focussed on my health and gone on amazing holidays to ensure I see as much of the world as possible. I could reflect on 2019 with a bitter taste and question ‘why did certain events happen to me?’, but re-framing my perspective to one of optimism changes the question to ‘why did things happen for me?’.

The thing is, every year people set numerous goals and watch them fail before Spring comes around due to the superficial nature of the goals. Most people find it difficult to set deeper, more meaningful goals as they don’t spend enough time figuring out who they are as a person. Goal setting should not be limited to weight loss and appearance, in fact, I urge you to set at least five goals this year that aren’t related to your weight. Go deeper. Looks at your emotions, your relationships, your activity levels, your time spent connecting with people and nature, your talents, your skills, your career and so on. Think bigger, think bolder and think scarier. Nobody is going to do this stuff for you and at the end of the day, 2020 isn’t guaranteed for anyone. With that in mind, stop procrastinating, make 2020 the year of you and take more risks. Reflect, reset & have a Happy New Year!


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