``She opened my eyes to a completely new way of dealing with my health issues..``

5 stars

I’m so thankful for my time with Orla as she opened my eyes to a completely new way of dealing with my health issues. I’ve learned to address the root of the problem instead of masking it, and adopt a complete lifestyle/inclusive mindset in regard to my health. Orla helped me so much with both my mental and physical health journey and I couldn’t be happier.

Having Orla as a coach is such a great experience - it’s a judgement free zone and she has such a wealth of knowledge that is absolutely reassuring. Her advice is so well thought out and straightforward... she really helps you figure out the ‘why‘ behind the root of your health issues and focuses on the mind-body connection.

She really takes into account the whole person as opposed to zeroing in on one specific issue, which I really appreciated. Since my consultation with her I knew that she would listen to my concerns and address them thoroughly. She genuinely wants the best for her clients and she offers helpful guidance every step of the way. Orla has helped me manage my pcos/IBS symptoms and go off the pill (which was a massive goal of mine). Beyond thankful for everything that she’s helped me with!

``...I highly recommend getting in touch with Orla.``

5 stars

Since the very second I started working with Orla I have received a personalised and holistic coaching experience. Initially I was keen to educate myself around a nutritionally balanced diet but what I have gained since then has been so much more. Not only has Orla supported me in how to include nutritionally balanced foods in my diet, she has factored in my diagnosed health conditions and has personalised her approach to mentoring me based on my own body and what it needs. This is very important to me as I have tried fad diets and other types of programmes before but that truly personalised approach that Orla takes is so much more enriching and sustainable than anything else I have tried in the past.

Orla has supported me in looking at my relationship with food as a whole and questions why specific patterns or triggers emerge. This has allowed me to understand my body and mind at a much deeper level than I could have ever imagined. The holistic approach that Orla takes means that nutrition is just one element of the support and coaching she provides. She has mentored me through various aspects from life challenges to goal setting, relationship issues to recognising self-worth, understanding and setting boundaries, to introducing coping strategies for anxiety and insomnia. Orla has taken the time to get to know me, my body and my goals so that she can provide a quality coaching experience. If you are looking for a truly personalised coach that offers a sustainable approach to a positive lifestyle, then I highly recommend getting in touch with Orla.

``Orla has and will continue to change lives, for life with The Health Hun``

5 stars

The compassion shown throughout the process, Orla has a keen eye for detail and she's helped me see somethings I conveniently overlooked or rationalised. What I enjoyed most about the coaching experience was beneath the simplicity, and deeper whys we explored it's how compassionate and caring Orla has been as a coach. It might sound silly, but this is what sets services like this apart, it's not built to scale or sell thousands of units, it's built with the sole purpose of helping people. Orla has and will continue to change lives, for life with The Health Hun.

``Signing up for coaching with Orla was the best decision I made for my health this year!``

5 stars

I have gotten far more out of the last few weeks than I ever expected, Orla has been so kind and caring and a genuine friend to me throughout the last few weeks. She was always there to answer any questions I had in depth and I cannot thank her more for helping me get my cycle back. Signing up for coaching with Orla was the best decision I made for my health this year.