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How the ‘Fitspo’ lifestyle can lead to Amenorrhea and hormonal imbalances

Social media is full of #fitspos and there is a strong message out there to lose weight, lean up, do lots of cardio, eat a few salads & protein bars. Don’t get me wrong, the movement to get active and be healthy is amazing, but being lean does not necessarily mean you are healthy. Not many are talking about the damage it can do to your hormones when it becomes excessive. Too much exercise and undereating (in extreme calorie deficits) can lead to amenorrhea, adult acne, insomnia, anxiety, bloating and so on. Periods can be such a taboo topic, but not many people realise just how important they are for overall health.

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Hormonal Acne

Where you develop spots on your face may be an indicator to the root cause of the issue. If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m a firm believer in getting to the root cause of any health issue, rather than simply treating the symptoms. The image above illustrates what is known as face mapping, which can be useful to find the root cause of the acne. I can 100% say that mine was down to hormonal imbalances caused by stress and not looking after my body. When cortisol and adrenaline are chronically released due to the stress response, it can cause hormonal imbalances. This stimulates an increased release of androgens – the ‘male’ hormones ie. Testosterone, DHEA etc. Androgens typically stimulate excessive oil production, which can cause acne.

Chronic exposure to stress and it’s negative effects

The average person tends to lead a very busy lifestyle, trying their best to achieve in every aspect of their life. Between trying to excel in your career, paying off never ending bills, keeping active and maintaining a social life, we can feel like we are in constant overdrive. Often people reach for stimulants like caffeine and feel they need that cup of coffee to keep going. Sound familiar? Read more..

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