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My Mental Health journey

So, bit of a different one today, as I’m going to talk about my story dealing with anxiety and depression. I wrote this piece for a mental health series on the Sports mind blog (insta: sportminds_irl) and it’s obviously extremely personal, but I wrote it with the main purpose to help someone. I know by hearing other people’s stories, it helped me open up and I also feel that the stigma will lessen if we start these conversations more often. Read more..


The-Gut Brain Connection

This post focusses on how the gut and the mind are interconnected, as the gut is also known as the ‘second brain’. Did you know that 95% of our serotonin is contained in the gut? This one is a great read for mental health and anyone with IBS or other digestive health issues. Read more..


Changing how we view Mental Health disorders

The goal for me when starting The Health Hun, was to help and educate others by writing about common disorders and conditions, while also giving practical solutions to approach them. So, when I sat down to write my second piece, I found myself stuck on what topic to choose. I was afraid that the selection of my next topic, may not be of relevance to all readers due to specificity. I was then reminded that even if I was to help just one person, it would be worth writing. I plan to discuss a range of interesting, human health related topics such as gut disorders, hormones, the importance of nutrition, the effects of stress and so much more. Today I’m going to talk about why I feel mental health disorders need to be investigated in the same scientific approach any physical medical problems would be. Read more..


Chronic exposure to stress and it’s negative effects

The average person tends to lead a very busy lifestyle, trying their best to achieve in every aspect of their life. Between trying to excel in your career, paying off never ending bills, keeping active and maintaining a social life, we can feel like we are in constant overdrive. Often people reach for stimulants like caffeine and feel they need that cup of coffee to keep going. Sound familiar? We expose our bodies to stress day in and day out, so much that it’s becoming the norm. You don’t necessarily have to feel the worst of it. You could in fact feel like you are smashing your goals, achieving in most parts of your life, but at the same time, you’re feeling tired and run down. We all know that too much stress can be detrimental to our health, but do you know why?. Read more..

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The Science behind Mindfulness Meditation – Exercise for your mental health

I know what you’re thinking – Meditation? That airy fairy, voodoo thing that hippies and yoga instructors do? I know that’s what you’re thinking, because that is exactly what I thought until a few weeks ago. Meditation is something that I’ve always wanted to try, but continuously put off as I could never quite ‘find the time’. I was never into yoga or any kind of relaxation ‘exercise’ because to be honest, I can barely touch my toes – never mind do a head stand, while simultaneously looking graceful. Instead of focusing on the goal of relaxing to find my inner ‘Zen’, I would stress over how evident it was that I was the only person unable to do the poses. Meditation is similar to yoga, in the sense that they both concentrate on the breath. Read more..

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Model for change in mental illness: Change the individual’s environment before trying to change the individual

When it comes to treating mental illness, the first thought is to focus on what the individual is doing right or wrong that lead to this low point in their life. People ask questions like what’s wrong with them? What’s wrong with their body? What chemical imbalances exist within them to make them feel like this? The individual translates these questions to what is wrong with me? What did I do wrong? Why am I the problem? Why me? The individual can fall victim to the blame game, as they are made to feel it’s them that needs to be fixed and it’s them that needs to change in order to get better. Read more..


There is no Immunity against Mental-Ill Health

How did I get here again? How on earth has this happened to me? No, this isn’t actually what I think it is. I’m just run down and in a bad mood. I’m on holidays sure. The sun is beaming. Tunes are playing. Prosecco in hand – what the F do I have to be sad about? Get your shit together Swan. C’mon, crack a smile. Find that energy. Push yourself to feel better. This was a conversation that played on repeat in my mind. I was on holidays in sunny Sicily, with no energy or desire to do anything, or to converse with my friends. I had longed for the holiday, but I simply didn’t want to be there. Read more..


Addicted to busy

..if you are exposed to a stressful stimulus time and time again, your body will not function optimally. The body will down-regulate hormones and shut down certain systems to compensate. Person B is not immune to this. They may keep it together mentally, but it is inevitable that the stress will take it’s toll physically. Read more..

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