The purpose of this video is to bring you through how we form habits. It’s not what you might think – through discipline or trying hard enough – it’s actually to do with your nervous system and neural plasticity.

I discuss the most effective way to build new habits, while also explaining how we might have picked up habits along the way that don’t serve us!

I forgot to mention in the video that ticking off each habit on the tracker can act as a small but effective reward signal to strengthen the habit formation!

Finally, I walk you through the habit tracker and explain how to use it during coaching, enjoy 🙂

  • Neural plasticity and the reward (1:53)
  • Working with the nervous system (7:39)
  • The habit tracker (12:14)

My Journey

In this video I walk you through my journey over the last 10+ years, sharing my experience with IBS, PCOS, binge eating, body dysmorphia & mental health.

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