The current War with food

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Why you should pay more attention when it comes to supplementation

Nutrient supplementation wasn’t a topic that I planned on writing about anytime soon. However, everywhere you look, someone is promoting something and social media sites have turned into a marketing space. More recently, I saw a picture that was uploaded of five vitamin pills on a social media page, with the caption ‘getting in my five a day’. Immediately, I felt the need to touch on the subject. Obviously supplementation is a big industry and can be extremely beneficial for most individuals. The problem with this image was that someone was sending the message that these capsules were a sufficient replacement for the daily consumption of the recommended intake of fruit and vegetables. Read more..

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The health risk with ‘Health at every size’ – Calories matter

Recently, I have seen a trend in which nutritionists are promoting intuitive eating and the ‘non-diet approach to dieting’. I have listened to a few podcasts and read up on some blog posts to fully understand the concept. One of the principles behind this style of eating is that ‘healthy’ diets aren’t all that good for you, if they interfere with your mental or emotional health. To some degree, I agree with this. I believe the ‘best’ diet is one without restrictions and one in which you are actually enjoying what you eat. However, they also drive the message that you should not count calories because your body will ‘regulate itself’ to the size that it’s ‘meant to be’, as it’s all down to genetics. They say that it is okay to be obese, even if it poses a health risk. Read more..


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