Feel It To Heal It – Journal Prompts


Journaling is something that can feel uncomfortable, weird, cringey and embarrassing, but sometimes it can just be a case of not knowing where to begin. Journaling is a highly underestimated but extremely valuable tool that can provide clarity, breakthroughs, motivation, healing, emotional regulation and much much more.


This Feel It To Heal It – Journal Prompts eBook includes:


What is journaling?
Why journal?
When to journal?
Common barriers to journaling
Journaling prompts:
  • Prompts to practice gratitude
  • Prompts to process emotions
  • Prompt to Reflect on your day / month / quarter / year etc.
  • Prompts for self-discovery & self-development
  • Prompts for assessing the pillars of health
  • Prompts for manifesting & visualising
A note on language used for goal setting & visualisation
  • Prompt for rewording goals
  • Prompt for your deeper why


We tend to go about life not realising our power – our true, internal power. This eBook will really help you get in touch will that, help you discover yourself – your full authentic self.  It’ll help you connect with your body so that you can accept, respect and love yourself. It’ll help you understand where you play it small in life, where you de-prioritise yourself and why.


Cannot wait to see how you get on!



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